Ariane Hunter

Founder, Project She Went for Her Dreams

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Can advise in Building a brand; Growing your customer base; Hiring, managing, & maintaining employees; Partnerships; Marketing

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Ariane Hunter is the Founder and CEO of Project She Went For Her Dreams & The Mentors Circle, a platform for women of color in business dedicated to building a legion of change-makers, thought leaders, trailblazers and status quo disruptors. Her firm specifically offers mentorship and coaching to women of color to help navigate their careers and grow their businesses.

Ariane’s debut book Dreaming on Purpose: A Woman’s Guide to Doing Her Right Work in The World comes out in Spring 2020 with Indigo River Publishers. It’s a business leadership book for women and women of color. Ariane draws on decades of experience working for the top marketing and branding agencies in New York City and supporting high profile clients become key players in their industry. She holds an MBA and is a certified coach. Ariane has worked with industry leaders including Women in Stem Leadership at Stony Brook University, Women’s Catalyst group at HP, Oracle, and many more. She has spoken for NYU Stern Women in Business, Advancing Women in Tech, Karen Millen, ABC Home, Emerging Leaders for NY Arts, and has been featured guest on numerous empowerment podcasts. Ariane is also a published writer whose work appears in, Levo League, Ivy Exec, and The Muse. She’s been quoted in The Daily Worth, Her Agenda, and more.