Ayme Sinclair

CEO & Founder, Sinclair Social (Sinclair Prints & Poseys Inc)

Works in Marketing & Advertising

Can advise in Growing your customer base; Partnerships; Communicating with stakeholders; Marketing; Business Development

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Ayme Sinclair is the Founder and CEO of Sinclair Social, a business that helps companies grow an audience on social media and elevate their message with followers that engage. 

With 20 years of digital marketing experience, her breakthrough campaigns have been nominated for awards by the United Nations and the Bill Gates Foundation. Past projects include Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, Van Jones's #LessIsMore NY parole reform campaign, and the Greta Thunberg UN Welcome Flotilla during the 2019 UN Climate Summit.

An African-American woman, Ayme has been sailing for the past 5 years racing competitively, participating in races all over the world including the eastern coast of Africa. There, she formed the first women’s sailing team to compete in a race held in Lamu, Kenya. 

Her sailing adventures have been featured on CNN’s Great Big Story, Essence, Sail Magazine,  Boat US, and numerous other publications. She's passionate about issues of diversity and equality which carries into the work she's done both on and off the water. 

Ayme has been a featured speaker at NYU and at the United Nations. As CEO of Sinclair Social her clientele includes the United Nations, the World Bank, NYC agencies, hospitals and international governments.