Tuesday P Brooks

Owner, AJOY

Works in Business and Financial Services

Can advise in Managing financials & cash flow; Small Business accounting & tax compliance; Working with banks & CDFIs; Securing capital to start or grow a business

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Tuesday’s vision is to accelerate growth of financially-sound woman-led companies that employ, across the US. As such, she works tirelessly providing direction to aspiring entrepreneurs on how to start and grow. Her keen knowledge around accounting for small business makes bookkeeping, tax compliance, credit readiness, and cash flow management accessible to early-stage business owners and non-profit founders. She leverages her certification as a Profit First professional to consult with business owners who seek to implement Profit First principals in their business. Tuesday has educated more than 3,000 aspiring entrepreneurs and has developed strong relationships with community-based organizations and government agencies that provide technical assistance to entrepreneurs and freelancers primarily through one-to-one coaching, workshops, and business curriculum development. Tuesday is a frequently sought panel presenter and workshop facilitator and has been honored multiple years as a Best For New York Changemaker. She sits on the board of several community-based organizations that promote arts or education. Tuesday holds a Master of Business Administration from Metropolitan College of New York in Media Management, Master of Arts degree from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Binghamton University. Her financial management firm, AJOY, specializes in ventures in media, sports, arts, entertainment, beauty, fashion, wellness, and professional services. AJOY is certified M/WBE, DBE, SBE, EBE, EDWOSB, and SDVOSB and provides technical assistance to business owners seeking to successfully attain certification for their company as well. Tuesday is a native New Yorker who enjoys physical fitness, dancing, and live music.