Kim Fontaine

Founder of Perry Blair Coaching & Consulting
Expertise In
Public Speaking, Education, Coaching & Consulting

Diversity of Experiences

Kim Fontaine, Esq. is the founder of Perry Blair Coaching and Consulting.

Perry Blair Coaching and Consulting offers coaching and consulting services to businesses and individuals so they can take action in the areas that matter to them most – so they can have what they want the most. Success, connection, communication, culture, and overall satisfaction. It looks different for each company and each individual. Whether you’re a start-up, not for profit or profit, an individual ready to overhaul your life or fine tune the details, the team at Perry Blair digs deep to uncover blocks and discover the answers to tough questions together. We work together as partners to cultivate actions conducive to creating and/or growing a successful business and a meaningful life.

Some of Perry Blair’s clients include the Newark Mayors Office, Essex County Welfare Department, New York City’s Educational Development Center, Janus Solutions, and New York Department of Small Business Services.

Fontaine inspires and empowers women globally to love themselves, have full self-expression, build bold businesses and to live lives they love.

Kim Fontaine, Esq is a Public Speaker, Author, Educator and Coach.