Tamia Perry

CEO of Urban Ecospaces, Inc
Expertise In:
Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Diversity of Experiences

A desire to align passion with purpose inspired Tamia to leave her career as an accomplished litigation attorney, and co-found Urban Ecospaces, a real estate development and construction firm. Tamia is passionate about real estate because of its ability to improve and create vibrant communities, and for its role as a great equalizer in the creation of generational wealth.  This passion drives the mission of Urban Ecospaces to develop, build, and renovate structures that create healthy, resilient, and prosperous communities.

Tamia is driven to lead her small business to do big things.  Since its inception, Urban Ecospaces has had an unwavering commitment to working on projects that enrich neighborhoods and communities.  The company has collaborated extensively with a variety of city and state agencies, non-profits, public-benefit corporations, and other partners on development and construction projects.  Urban Ecospaces focuses its efforts on affordable housing development, revitalization of disaster-impacted or distressed housing, and the building of community facilities or infrastructure that enhance quality of life for residents and communities.  Urban Ecospaces has had the privilege of improving more than 650 homes damaged by natural disasters, multiple NYC public school, MTA facilities, libraries, community centers, and other public purpose facilities. 

Tamia has extensive experience in the real estate field and has served in the roles of investor and developer, real estate broker, mortgage broker, construction manager, and construction contractor.  As CEO of Urban Ecospaces, Tamia concentrates on setting overall growth strategies, expanding the company’s capacity and development capabilities, and providing executive oversight for all corporate functions including human resources, finance, marketing, compliance, and risk management.