Theresa O’Neal

President and CEO of Global Spectrum Group
Expertise In:
Branding, Marketing, Communications, Fundraising & Property Management

Diversity of Experiences

Theresa O’neal is Jamaican born, Brooklyn, New York City raised. Theresa is a brand  building professional with over 25 years of experience in  branding, communications, development and fundraising. She has worked with organizations such as Mount Sinai Health  Systems, The American Cancer Society, Viacom, Sauti Yetu  Center for African Women and a host of other non-profits,  organizations and entrepreneurs. Theresa is the President and  CEO of Global Spectrum Group, a start-up which  represents well established clients such as Grammy-Award  winner Jeff Redd. Theresa’s career path has been diverse but her focus remains simple: helping those who help others. After decades of professional and personal experience, Theresa was inspired to finish her MBA (after 20 years) and explore the world of  property management in New York City, now managing over  47 properties for ABC Realty.